Complete Guide on Homeschooling in Tennessee.


Tennessee allows parents to educate their children from K-12 in the comfort of their homes.This practice is called homeschooling.

It's allowed under certain conditions and requires specific papers.

Parents must submit a letter of intent to homeschool to their local school board.This must be done well before the school year begins,and may require a certain deadline.Additionally, the parent must provide proof of high school completion.

Is Homeschooling in Tennessee Legal?

Homeschooling in Tennessee is legal,and there few conflicts between the state and homeschooling community.Recent homeschooling legislation has focused on sports and scholarships access to homeschoolers.

Voucher legislation has also been introduced in recent years but has had little success.

In Tennessee, homeschooling is considered a hobby and not a public school.Homeschooling is a private decision that many parents make with the consent of their child's public school district.

However,it's important to note that Tennessee law requires parent to submit a notice of intent to homeschool to the state education department.

Homeschooling in Tennessee is also required to comply with state laws laws regarding testing and record keeping. Homeschooled students must take standardized tests in grade five,seven and nine.

However , if a parent receives prior approval ,the child can use an alternative assessment.

If you decide to homeschool in Tennessee ,you may have 3 options:

1) register with the local school board or county school district.

2) register with a church related school.

3) Or join an accredited online school.

If you're registering with a public school, it's necessary to notify the school district of the intention to homeschool your child to avoid truancy penalties. You must also notify your child's previous school if you choose to homeschool.

Does it Require Standardized Testing?

Homeschooling is a growing trend in the United States, and in Tennessee, parents have the option to homeschool their children.However, there are some requirements you must meet to be allowed to do so legally.

The first step is registering with the state.

Luckily, Tennessee has a number of homeschool resource centres to help you with your endeavor.
In addition to monthly newsletters, these groups also host a number of events throughout the year.

Homeschooling in Tennessee is allowed so long as the parent-teacher has at least a high school diploma or GED. The state also requires you have your child's immunization records on file and submit an annual notice of intent to the school district.

You also need to provide four hours of instruction a day for 180 days of the school year. 

If your child is not in school yet, you are still required to take standardized tests every year to show that you are teaching the state-required curriculum.

Homeschooling is regulated in Tennessee by the Department of Education. The law does'nt specify specific subjects or grade levels that homeschooling families must teach their children. But it does require independent homeschooling families to inform the state of their intent to homeschool their children.

Parents should contact the state's local director of schools to learn about the requirement for homeschooling.